Vaccination is a simple safe and effective way of protecting people against harmful diseases before they come into contact with them. It uses your body’s natural defenses to build resistance to specific infections and makes your immune system stronger. When we get vaccinated we aren’t just protecting ourselves but also those around us.

During the covid-19 pandemic vaccination continues to be critically important and all the hopes of science are focused on its development and implementation to the largest possible population. Scientists around the world are developing many possible vaccines against covid-19. All are designed to teach the body’s immune system to safely recognize and block the virus that causes covid-19.

Since the end of 2020 scientists from the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB) and other prestigious institutions placed in Cuba began clinical trials of their anti-covid-19 vaccine candidates. Thus it has been known that the products Mambisa which explores the nasal route and Abdala the intramuscular as well as Soberana 01 and 02 complete Cuba’s quartet of proposals to achieve immunization of its population against this disease. This way Cuba could begin next March the emergency use of some of its vaccine candidates against Covid-19 for the immunization of people at higher risk.

In our country achieving an effective vaccine against covid-19 is a priority for our entire system of science and innovation. Today we see how solid and accelerated progress has been made in this project for which millions of human beings advocate inside and outside of Cuba.

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