The smile is the more attractive facial expression and the teeth offer the structural support for face muscles. That’s why the mouth is the key of personality, and a great indicator of the human’s health. The Central Clinic “Cira García” falls back on a Stomatological Center that gives a very high specialized attention. Over 10 years, our team of skilled professionals has offered a multidisciplinary attention in personalized programs to our patients. Excellence is the main quality of the Stomatological Center. The whole medical team gives its expertise and professionalism to obtain the most beautiful and healthy smile from the patients. The Central Clinic “Cira García” invites you to verify it by yourself. SERVICES OFFERED
  • Pediatric dentistry:
It is performed by specialized doctors in odontology for children. The treatments could go from comprehensive general stomatology to orthodontics.
  • Adults dentistry:
Performed by experts on older persons, they care of comprehensive stomatological programs and prevention of mouth pathologies as well, by means of established treatment protocols for this practice.
  • Orthodontics:
It is devoted to correct functional and esthetical disorders as a cause of dentomaxillofacial anomalies. It includes the orthodontic preventive treatments and the functional orthopedics devices that could be removable or fixed. As a result of the usage of different methods, a stable occlusion and an adequate teeth alignment is procured.
  • Periodontics:
This specialty treats the gums diseases. Our proposals, with the objective of avoiding dental loss or periodontitis, are: the control and teaching of mouth hygiene methods; the periodontal diagnosis to design a treatment, meaning curettages, scaling or root planing; the review and maintenance; and the periodontal surgery that is performed after a reevaluation of the patient indicating its pertinence and placing biomaterials if needed.
  • Stomatological prosthesis:
Replacement of lost teeth by means offixed rehabilitations; fixed bridges over implants and over natural teeth; individual dental crowns (total, partial), or individual rehabilitation over implants. The partial removable rehabilitations could be performed in metallic skeletal structures or in acrylic removable partial prosthesis, always searching for the perfect solution to each patient. The total prosthesis is also made, that combined with the implantology, becomes into a comfortable prosthesis with higher retention. The services of stomatological prosthesis are offered immediately and the materials we use have a great quality and are completely esthetical.
  • Implantology
One of our main work lines of treatment that consists on the placing of implants and the final rehabilitation. It takes three phases: diagnosis, surgery and rehabilitation.
  1. Diagnosis
  • Evaluative consultation with a dental prosthesis specialist.
  • Consultation with a multidisciplinary team: in this moment, the patient could approve or refuse the proposal. In case of approval, the surgical intervention will be performed from 24 to 48 hours after the multidisciplinary consultation. If the patient is not tributary or is not in physical shape for the implant, other variants of rehabilitation treatment will be proposed.
  1. Surgery
Depending on the amount of implants to place, there are three different options: for one implant, from 2 to 5 implants, and 6 or more implants.
  • Rehabilitation
The prosthesis rehabilitation could be performed immediately, so the same day of the installation of the implant, the rehabilitation is performed. If not, it is necessary to wait one month or 4-6 months, depending on the evolution of the patient. The final treatment is performed with metal-porcelain crowns.
  • Orthognatic Surgery:
The dentomaxillofacial disharmonies are frequent disorders produced by different alterations of osseous anatomical structures like the chin, the maxilla or the jaw. They could provoke serious mechanical and esthetical limitations in patients. We fall back on highly skilled specialists, and the required diagnosis methods to evaluate the patient, to plan the appropriate surgery and predict the results of any kind of dentomaxillofacial disharmony. Because of the complexity of this proceeding, they are performed in major surgery operating rooms.
  • Imaging
The image diagnosis is performed in all medical practices; they are equipped with digital Periapical radiology. We also have a wide range of two-dimensional and three-dimensional tests that even satisfy the more specific exigencies; orthogonal projections, Bitewing radiographies, advances views of the temporomandibular articulation and a second sensor for cephalometric projections, with 3D devices.
  • Basic stomatological check-up
A stomatological check-up is important to maintain the oral health, because it: Controls the bacterial plaque Guides the oral physiotherapy Performs the prophylaxis Detects oral sepsis and/or oropharyngeal cancer signs Our Stomatological Center has divided these checking according to age groups Children and adolescents until 18 years old: Consultation with specialist in Comprehensive General Stomatology:
  • Control of bacterial plaque.
  • Application of fluoride varnish.
Consultation with specialist in Orthodontics
  • Control of deforming habits.
Adults: Consultation with specialist in Comprehensive General Stomatology:
  • Test for early diagnosis of affections in oral cavity.
  • Control of dentobacterial plaque.
  Older than 60 years old: Consultation with specialist in Comprehensive General Stomatology:
  • Test for early diagnosis of affections in oral cavity.
  • Consultation with the specialist in Dental Prosthesis.
Some offered possibilities Transportation The institution offers a service of transportation for those patients who have a medical program with hospitalization, on their arrival and departure, from and to the International Airport “José Martí” (Transfer in-out) in Havana, with comfortable vehicles (conventional, intensive care units, microbuses and cars). If you want, you can request this service in our institution, once your medical attention request is confirmed at Lodging A service of private rooms in adequate conditions to get a successful recovery is also offered: electronic bed for the patient with direct oxygen and central aspiration, equipment for handicapped patients, bed for partners, bathroom, air-conditioning system, safe-deposit box, satellite television, intercommunication with nursing station, national and international phone, and Wi-Fi internet access. Alimentation is also included for the patient and partner (breakfast, lunch and dinner). It is offered a laundry service every day except on Sundays and clothes will be returned in 24 hours. The service is coordinated with our assisting staff on the rooms. Additional costs applied. If you are in a medical ambulatory program of our Clinic and you want to move to a quiet, safe and close place where you can enjoy and rest, we recommend the Hotel Resort Kohly – Bosque, located at 2 Km from the institution. Calle 28A e/ 49A y 49C, Reparto Kohly, Playa. You also have other lodging options in Panorama Hotel and Copacabana Hotel. The International Health Center “La Pradera” offers specialized services for improving the life quality in a natural and comfortable environment, To contact us: Centro Internacional de Salud ¨La Pradera¨ Calle 15 No. 22210 e/222 A y 234 Siboney, Playa, La Habana, Cuba Phone: (+53) 7 2725273 or (+53) 7 2731441 Cel: (+53) 5 3338248 Web: Email: Facebook: