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  Historical Background
On April 9th, 1948, in Ramon Mendoza Avenue and 17 street, Alturas de Miramar, a health center was inaugurated with the name of Miramar Clinic. It was intended to be "an institution at the service of the medical class to attend private patients of any economic situation". However, the very new clinic would dedicate it self to attend exclusively the high bourgeoisie of Havana.

After the revolutionary triumph, on April 1961, when the North Americans invaded Playa Giron, the authorities of the Public Health Ministry of Cuba took the Clinic as part of the plans for medical assuring during war time. At the end of that same year, the Center is already part of the Health National System and it becomes a place to attend students from scholarships. For that time it had already the name of "Cira Garcia" Clinic.

Two decades passed like this, and in the first years of the 80's, the Clinic is also responsible for the attention to the Diplomatic corps accredited in the country. The Clinic is rebuilt, keeping its elegance and distinction, and it opened again with this new aim.
  The present days    
Now-a-days, the "Cira Garcia" Central Clinic belongs to the Public Health National System of Cuba, and it is part of the subsystem of attention to foreign patients. It is commercialized in the international market by the Company CUBANACAN Tourism and Health, from the CUBANACAN Group.

The Clinic has an area of more than 7 200 m2. It counts on three hospitalization levels in which 39 private rooms are distributed, two of them suites with all the facilities of the most modern clinics: patient electronic bed with possibilities of direct oxygen and central aspiration, companion bed, full bathroom with hot and cold water 24 hours a day, air condition, satellite TV, night light, inter communication with nursery post, equipment for disabled person, and safe box.

It counts on modern surgery rooms with sections for pre-anesthesia and post-anesthesia recovery; progressive care unit with intensive and intermediate care; clinic labs of pathologic anatomy and microbiology, with quick response equipment; a full lab of applied physiology, and a modern service of inner image. This first level technology, together with the very professional personnel that operates it, let us offer medical services of excellence that characterize this medical institution.

Its mission is to offer health services with optimum scientific quality, honesty and deep human content, to the diplomatic corps accredited in Cuba, to foreign business men established in Cuba and to foreign persons who come to our country searching for the scientific progress and prestige of Cuban medicine. It also offers medical assurance to tourists, and the guarantee of health and well-being services providing a successful staying in Cuba.
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