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Corneal Transplantation
Do you require a corneal transplantation?
When a lesion or disease of the cornea has no other treatment but Corneal Transplantation, you should make sure of five fundamental things for your operation's success.
1.- Cornea in optimal conditions
2.- Qualified specialists
3.- State-of- the-art armamentarium and modern equipment
4.- High prestige hospital center
5.- Worldwide competitive costs
  Corneal Transplantation (operation of
one eye)
  10 Nights of Hospitalization
13 Nights of Accomodation

Specialized care of Ophthalmology
2 Re-appointments with a specialist in Ophthalmology
Preoperative checkup

Ophthalmological research:

- Biometry Keratometry
- Biomicroscopy Refraction
- Electroretinogram (E.R.G) Shimer test(I and II)
- Pachymetry Tonometry
- Visual evoked potentials

Ultrasonographic research:

- Ocular diagnostic ultrasound

Surgical Operation:

- Lamellar Keratoplasty

This program:
Include: Hospitalization in a private room, food, specialized medical and nursing care, right to the operating room, anesthesia, postoperative resucitation and surgery.
Exclude: Blood, blood derivatives or substitutes, drugs and disposable material.
Cost:$ 3788.00 CUC
If the corneal transplantation is Perforating the Total Cost is $ 3988.00 CUC .
Note: If during the first three days of the evaluation, the cornea for the transplantation were not available yet, you may stay on an accommodation at the Clinic for a daily cost of $40.00 USD, which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner, until the cornea becomes available.
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