Medical Urgency

The clinic provides medical and stomatological care 24 hours a day. Medical specialists and nurses makes house visits in the place where the patient is staying.

Extern Consult

From Monday to Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. All specialties. Appointments are previously requested in accordance with the medical planning.


A timely medical checkup can detect diseases before they emerge or diagnose them at an early stage. Devote yourself a little time to live longer and better.

Clinic Specialities

We design a personalized health program based on the patient’s needs. Our Clinc offers a comprehensive medical care to adults for appropriate diagnosis and treatment.

Quirurgic Specialities

Many diseases can be treated surgically. The Clinic gives its patients the possibility to be treated by a team of surgeons and anesthesiologists, supported by modern technology.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

We offer customized comprehensive physical rehabilitation programs with therapeutic protocols designed to combine different types of applied therapies and a systematic evaluation of the patient’s health evolution.


Our clinic have a team of stomatologists and technicians who provide specialized dental care.

Medical evacuation

We offer an accompanying specialized medical service that takes the patient to the Clinic to be treated and afterwards takes the patient back to his destination. This action is performed when it is required by the patient's physical condition.