Epidemiology is a medical specialty that could be considered as very ancient and simultaneously as a fairly young science. Its ancestral conception, on the wider sense, that something is the cause and something could be done to avoid the disease, is as ancient as the same epidemics that have affected the humanity.

Nowadays, Epidemiology studies the distribution, frequency and determinants of the health conditions in human settlements as well as the methods and the impact of social responses. To operate, Epidemiology combines principles and knowledge created by biological and social sciences and applies methods of quantitative and qualitative nature.

Since its creation, our clinic has a medical team of epidemiological surveillance that guarantees the observation of environmental and personal hygiene rules for both our medical equipment and our patients. We work on the modern basis of the specialty that makes possible and guarantees the early detection and control of any disorder that could put at risk the patients, families, or the workers’ health.