Cayo Largo del Sur

Cayo Largo del Sur, or simply known as Cayo Largo, is a little Cuban island surrounded of beautiful beaches. It is located on the Caribbean Sea, to a close range form Isle of Youth. As historical information, it is said that Christopher Columbus saw the island during his second trip in 1494, and reputedly, the English sailor Sir Francis Drake could have arrived to the island during his trip around the world, as many pirates used the island as a base.

Nowadays, Cayo Largo has a modern and comfortable hotel infrastructure, inserted in a natural environment that men have perfectly realigned with the ecosystem.

As a guarantee and security for visitors’ health care, the Central Clinic “Cira García” counts on medical facilities that offers the following services:

  • External Practice and home visits
  • Clinical Laboratory
  • Radiology (X-rays)
  • Healing
  • Pharmacy
  • Stomatology / Orthodontics
  • Executive Medical Check-up
  • Emergency Service (24 hours)
  • Ambulance Service
  • Private Admission Room
  • Doctor’s Office in Pelicano, Isla del Sur, Sol Club Cayo Largo and Barcelo Cayo Largo Hotels.

How to arrive to our institution?

Pueblo Turístico, Cayo Largo del Sur.

Tel.: +5345 248238